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"My film-making is much better suited to being watched by a single viewer.
I take the viewers one by one, unlike Hollywood cinema which aims to
amalgamate the audience."
Stephen Dwoskin

The first box of 5 DVD, films by Stephen Dwoskin include :

Dvd 1
Take me, 1968, 30’, N&B, 16mm
Dirty, 1971, 10’, N&B, 16mm
Girl, 1975, 30’, color, 16mm
Dad, 2003, 12’, color, video
Grandpère’pear, 2003, 5’, N&B, video
Dear Frances (in memoriam), color, 2003, 18', video
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Dvd 2
Pain is..., color, 1997, 80’, 16mm,
original English version (French, German, Spanish subtitles),
Intoxicated by my illness, color, 2001, 62’, video
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Dvd 3
Tod und Teufel, 1973, color, 94’, 16mm,
original German version (French, English, Spanish subtitles)

Face Anthea, color, 1990, 60’, video
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Dvd 4
Behindert, color, 1970, 96’, 16mm,
original German/English version
(French, English, German, Spanish subtitles),
Outside in, color, 1981, 105’, 16mm,
original English version (French, German, Spanish subtitles)
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Dvd 5
Trying to kiss the moon, color, 1994, 96’, 16mm, super8mm,
video, original English version
(French, German, Spanish subtitles)
Lost dreams, N&B, 2003, 20’, video
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