Renard Films on Vaping


Having trouble with your coil? If you are not familiar with what a coil is it is the heating element component that comes with your tank. This is the part that heats up the e fluid that creates vapor. When the coil is operating at its max potential it makes for a good experience with your vaping device. The right ohm and watts can produce the best flavors and the right amount of vapors. Usually the tank will come with one coil and an additional replacement coil of varying ohm. Like the Atlantis V2 comes with a 0.5ohm coil and a 0.3ohm replacement coil. So if your first one goes out or you just want the lower ohm, you have the option to change them. Don’t be intimidated. It is easy. Here is a little How To Basics Guide for changing your coil.
If you have not already done so, remove the empty tank from the battery unit. This part is simple because in most cases you had to put it together when you first bought the tank.
Now your going to turn this unit upside down. Sounds crazy, I know. But this is why it needs to be empty. Here your going to unscrew the metal cap at the bottom of the unit. The coil is attached to this bottom cap.
So now that the piece is out, simply unscrew the coil. To put on the new one, simply screw on the new one. (Simple right?)
13964420505_1593948360_zBefore reattaching, you need to fill it. So with the unit upside down add the e fluid. Fill only the outer portion of the tank. You do not want to get e fluid into the center of the airflow tube.
When your done, while the unit is still upside down, screw the metal cap back to the tank.
Now turn it up side right. At this point you will want to check for any leaks prior to use.
For best results wait a minute till the cotton looks fully saturated in the coil with the e fluid before vaping.
All done. Really that was simple. Now that you are comfortable changing out coils you can help your friends change out theirs.
This method is only good for some mods. A few models that I am familiar with for sure are the Cloud Maker kits and a few models of the Aspire series.
Disclaimer: All models are different please refer back to your model’s owners manual for proper changing procedures for your specific type of coil. Happy Vaping my friends!