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How To Change eJuices On A Regular Basis

Most vape users will want to use multiple flavors of eJuices, and they do not want to have to deal with the old flavor blending with the new one when the eJuice is changed. There are a couple ways that a vape user can avoid this including purchasing multiple eJuice chambers, cleaning out the chamber, and knowing how to fill the vaporizer so the eJuice can be frequently changed.

Various electronic cigarettesThe first way to change one’s eJuice is to simply purchase multiple different chambers for one’s vaporizer. It is possible to purchase spare chambers for very cheap, and the process of changing them involves simply screwing a new one into place. This method will require the user to find a way to prevent the eJuice from leaking out while it is not in the vaporizer, which usually involves plugging the chamber’s opening with small plastic plugs. This method is very popular among people who like to smoke multiple different flavors of eJuice in a single day. They may like to smoke a tobacco flavored eJuice during the day, and then may want to change out to a fruit or spice flavored eJuice at night.

The second way to change out the eJuice is a vaporizer is to simply know how to clean out the old eJuice while changing it. This will involve removing the chamber so that it now separate from the atomizer, and all other electronic parts of the vaporizer. One can then pour out the old eJuice so that most of it is gone. This should get rid of most of the flavor from the old eJuice. It is also possible to clean out the chamber in most vaporizers by running it under the tap. However, it important to check to see if this can be done, to make sure that all of the electronic parts are removed, and to dry the chamber before putting the vaporizer back together. Cleaning out the chamber under a tap, or by whipping it down with a dry clothe, is able to get rid of the old eJuice, and it has the added benefit of getting rid of the residue that may build up in a vaporizer from repeated use.

Finally, a vape enthusiast should know how to fill their vaporizer if they are planning on changing between different flavors on a consistent basis. It is a good idea to simply fill the vaporizer with less eJuice so that it will be empty when one wishes to switch over to a different eJuice. This will allow one to avoid having to clean out the vaporizer, and it means that they can avoid wasting eJuice. A good method is to simply fill the vaporizer with enough eJuice to last for part of a day, and then to plan on refilling it when one gets home. This will allow for the user to decide if they want to switch flavors when the vaporizer is empty.

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